Manual Doors

Whatever your requirements, we can supply, install and maintain a range of manual doors, so you have the perfect solution.

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Practical Manual Doors for Your Needs

When it comes to doors, manual ones offer a reliable and straightforward option. At E-Tech Group, we’re all about practicality. We provide, install, and maintain various types of manual doors that suit your specific needs, whether it’s for your home or business. These doors are designed to work smoothly and can be tailored to match your space’s setup and how you plan to use them.

Customisable for Convenience and Security

Our manual doors are more than just entrances; they offer convenience and security. We can equip them with features like door closers for controlled shutting and different lock choices. These doors can also be connected to door entry and access control systems, allowing you to manage access efficiently.

Getting the Right Fit with Expert Advice

Choosing the right manual door doesn’t have to be complicated. Our experts are here to help. They consider your requirements and guide you to the best choice. Whether it’s a door for your home or a secure steel door for a business, our experts will recommend the right one.

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A Range of Choices to Suit You

Manual doors provide a versatile option and low ongoing maintenance. We can supply, install and maintain an extensive range of manual doors, they can be made to your exact requirements taking into account the setting and type of usage.

Manual doors can be fitted with door closers, various locking options and integrated with both door entry and access control systems. Our surveyor will discuss in detail the requirements for the door and advise the appropriate product whether this be for a domestic property or a high security steel door for a commercial building. We can install and maintain the following types of doors:

  • Timber Doors. These offer a classic look and can match different styles.
  • Fire Doors. Designed for safety, these doors meet important standards while looking good.
  • Aluminium DoorsThey’re durable and modern, with good insulation.
  • High Security Steel Doors. For businesses that need added security, these doors are tough and functional.

After installation, we don’t leave you hanging. Our skilled engineers have experience in maintaining and fixing manual doors. From springs to hinges, they can address a range of issues, ensuring your doors keep working well.

E-Tech Group is all about making manual doors that work for you, offering practicality, security, and simple operation. Our focus is on providing doors that match your requirements.

Discuss your requirements with us.

Please call the Etech Group team on 020 8684 4466. We have a comprehensive range of Gates and Doors, tailored for your specific requirements including Automatic Doors, Manual Doors, Fire Doors, Sliding Gates, Bi Folding Speed Gates, Automated Swing Gates, Roller Shutters, Bollards & Blockers, Turnstiles