Automatic Swing Doors

E-Tech Group design, install, service and maintain automatic swing doors - making us the perfect UK automatic door solution for your requirements.

Practical Solution for Restricted Spaces

Automatic Swing doors are often a practical solution where an automatic door is required but space is restricted. Doors can be single leaf, double leaf, fully automatic or low energy.

We have the capability to install automatic doors as new or if doors are existing we can modify them to make them automatic swing doors. Our surveyors will take into consideration factors such as weight, width and the speed and force with which the doors open. All automatic doors are installed to British Standards. Check here our automatic sliding doors.

Design, Installation, Servicing and Maintenance

As well as designing and installing the perfect automatic doors for your buildings requirements, we also have a team of skilled engineers to service and maintain your automatic doors to ensure they operate correctly and reliably, year after year.

All of our services are carried out in line with British Standards so you can be sure your doors remain compliant. As part of our commitment to customers, our team can provide free technical advice and arrange for a service engineer to attend site if required.

Our ongoing maintenance agreements are competitively priced and give you 24hr support and priority service. We can also takeover, upgrade and modify existing systems.

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What is right for your building?

Our expert team will advise an automatic swing door solution for your requirements.

Our options include:

Single Leaf Automatic Swing Door

A single leaf automatic swing door is designed with a single door panel that swings open or closed automatically. It’s a space-efficient solution suitable for areas with moderate traffic. These doors are commonly found in offices, small retail shops, and residential buildings.

Double Leaf Automatic Swing Door

‌Double leaf automatic swing doors consist of two door panels that swing open simultaneously or individually. They are ideal for wider entrances and spaces with higher foot traffic. You’ll often encounter double leaf swing doors in shopping centres, hospitals, and large commercial buildings.

Fully Automatic Swing Door

‌A fully automatic swing door is equipped with sensors and automation systems that control both the opening and closing actions. These doors provide hands-free access and are commonly used in places where accessibility and convenience are paramount. Examples include hospitals, airports, and public buildings.

Low Energy Automatic Swing Door

‌Low energy automatic swing doors are designed to operate with reduced kinetic energy, making them safer and more suitable for use in environments with vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly or disabled. They are often used in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and places where gentle door movement is essential for safety and comfort.

‌Our automatic swing door solutions cater to different needs and preferences, offering convenience, accessibility, and safety in a wide range of settings.

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