Curtain Walling

Curtain Walling Design, Manufacturing, and Installation by E-Tech Group

Elevate your building’s aesthetics and performance with E-Tech Group’s expertise in curtain wall design, manufacturing, and installation. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, all backed by our own manufacturing factory for expert quality and precision.

Unlocking the Potential of Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain walls are innovative building envelope solutions that offer a range of benefits, from visual appeal to energy efficiency and structural integrity. At E-Tech Group, we specialise in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining custom curtain wall systems that enhance both the functionality and look of commercial and residential buildings.

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Tailored Curtain Wall Solutions for Your Project

Our experienced and skilled team will collaborate closely with you to create a bespoke curtain wall systems that meet your specific requirements. From initial concept development to final installation, we provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure a flawless execution of your project.

Design Excellence that Transforms Spaces

At E-Tech Group, we understand the transformative power of design excellence. Our talented team of designers utilises cutting-edge software and industry expertise to bring your vision to life. Whether you desire a sleek and modern aesthetic or a bold and distinctive look, we have the capabilities to create curtain wall systems that make a statement.

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Manufacturing Expertise for Exceptional Quality

With our own manufacturing factory, we have complete control over the production process, ensuring exceptional quality in every aspect of your curtain wall system.

Our skilled craftsmen utilise advanced technology and premium materials to deliver precision and durability in every component, from framing systems to glass panels.

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Benefits of E-Tech Group's Curtain Wall Systems

Architectural Versatility

Our curtain wall systems offer unparalleled design flexibility, allowing for custom configurations, shapes, and sizes. Whether you need curved, sloped, or straight facades, our systems can be tailored to suit your architectural vision.

Noise Reduction

Our curtain wall systems can be designed to minimize external noise infiltration, creating a peaceful indoor environment. This is particularly beneficial for buildings located in busy urban areas or near transportation hubs.

Natural Light Optimisation

With expansive glass panels and slim profiles, our curtain wall systems maximize the penetration of natural light, creating bright and inviting interiors. This not only enhances occupant comfort but also reduces the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Structural Integrity

Engineered for stability, our curtain wall systems provide superior strength and resistance to environmental factors. This ensures the longevity and safety of your building while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

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Choose E-Tech Group for Your Curtain Wall Project

When you choose E-Tech Group for your curtain wall project, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to delivering excellence. Our experienced team guides you through every step of the process, from initial consultation and design development to precise manufacturing and professional installation.

Contact us today to discuss your curtain wall project. Let us showcase our expertise in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining custom curtain wall systems that elevate the aesthetics, performance, and potential value of your building.

Discuss your requirements with us.

Please call the Etech Group team on 020 8684 4466. Our in-house fabrication team manufacturer aluminium doors, aluminium windows, aluminium shop fronts and curtain walling tailored to meet your specific requirements.